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Reach and Rise Mentoring Program

Our Reach & Rise Mentoring Program is one of our most rewarding services, and we are always in need of trained mentor volunteers.

We have many great kids, ages 6 to 18 in your community, who are at risk due to low self-esteem, social isolation, family problems, etc.,—who just need a friend, a role model, or a hero. A person who can spend a little time sharing interests, listening and ultimately raising a child’s self-confidence and outlook on life. You would be amazed at what an afternoon at the ball game or a trip to the park can do for a child in need of adult companionship and guidance.

How can you help?

Contact Rob Neese 602-212-6071

Click here for a mentor application.

Click here for a child application.

You can also make a donation to help us train, guide and build up our mentors.
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Helping Others Through Tragedy

A father dies tragically in a car accident, a mother is left to care for three children. The children 10, 12, and 15 years of age are left at home alone because the mother now has to find whatever jobs she can as the sole provider now. The family is also taking care of their elderly and frail grandparent. The mother is devastated over the loss of her husband, the financial support needed to sustain the family, one of the children is going with the wrong crowd, one child seems “lost” and the other is acting out in anger. Our highly trained Mentors came into this scenario and brought love, caring, support, guidance and stability over the course of one year and today this family is now thriving.

Mentor Testimonial

The program is a great way to make a difference in the life of a child. The children involved in this program go through unthinkable amounts of trauma and are exposed to things they shouldn’t be and sometimes in places that should be safe for them. A little effort and time spent with them goes such an incredibly long way. The training and staff support provided by the YMCA is first-rate and the opportunities to network with other mentors provide a sense of community. After only two months, I am already seeing positive changes in both my mentee and myself. My experience to date has been rewarding, challenging and fun – I get to sometimes act like a kid again too and that’s definitely worth the time it takes to be involved.