It is now five months out, since resolution-makers started on their journeys to lose weight, get in shape, be more active, spend less time plugged in… you get the picture. If you are one of those people, how’s it working for you? Need a reboot?

#1 - Have the Best Summer Ever

There is no better way for you or the kids to get unplugged than by spending time outdoors and getting involved in sports or other activities. Get refreshed with a swim in our pool; it’s a great way to loosen up stiff joints, and the kids can work off pent-up energy. Speaking of kids, give them an opportunity to make new friends by sending them to camp. There’s day camp, for those too timid to spend the night away from home and overnight camp for the adventurers.

#2 - The Y Is a Place for Strengthening Families

Have electronics taken over your family life? The Y offers family-friendly activities and opportunities. Come check out what we have to offer and get unplugged as a family. Experience what true family togetherness feels like again. Check out one of our many scheduled events.

#3 - Support Healthy Habits for Life

It’s not about the resolutions you make at the beginning of the year. It’s about the commitment you make to yourself, to adopt a healthier, happier lifestyle. When you have your health, you have everything. The Y offers you a variety of wellness programs. Find out more about how to achieve your fitness goals by consulting with one of our personal trainers to map out your personal fitness program. Your entire family can get healthier and stay more informed about how to stay fit. Let us show you how to be your physical best.

#4 - Create Stronger Communities - For a Better Us

Together, we can make a difference, through volunteerism, mentoring, reaching out and finding common ground. The Y offers opportunities to make meaningful connections to positively impact the lives of other community members. Programs like Togetherhood focused on volunteering in our communities or getting involved in our local advisory boards – there is something for everyone to give back. Valley of the Sun Y has been helping strengthen communities across Arizona for over 125 years.

#5 - Develop Important Life Skills

Whether it’s teens cultivating leadership skills, adults learning something new or both bridging the generation gap for better communication, the Y has a history of helping people develop and nurture the skills that lead to being better citizens. The Y has a long-standing tradition of helping people develop in spirit, mind and body.

#6 - Build New Friendships

There’s always something going on at the Y, and it’s always full of new friends you haven’t met yet at all ages. Our programs provide ample opportunities through day or overnight camping, sports, group fitness classes and other enjoyable activities. Come join us and strike up a conversation with your next new friend.

#7 - We Are America’s Swim Instructor

For decades children, and adults have learned how to swim from swim instructors at YMCAs across the nation. The ability to swim opens up a wide variety of opportunities for a lifetime. Our new YMCA swim lesson curriculum builds skills that will last a lifetime. Beyond lessons? Swimming in itself is great exercise, but you also can participate on the swim team or become one of the lifeguards. Start the kids early, so they can learn how to be safe and have a lifetime of enjoyment in and around the water.

#8 - Something for Everyone

The YMCA offers enjoyment and fitness for every level and every body. Our members stay fit and healthy with our wide variety of group fitness classes – including Silver Sneakers, mind & body offerings, group weight training, and so much more! Teens and youth will always find something too! From sports and swim to teen nights, your children will have a blast no matter the season!

#9 - More Than a Gym

The Y has come to be known as place to work out, but you can work out more than your body here. We are a leadership organization! We have volunteer opportunities for those who are willing to give back to the community. We also provide classes and workshops for developing new skills and developing healthy habits. Kids love coming to camp year after year and we employ many of them now as staff in our branches! Experience all the YMCA has to offer your family.

#10 -Always Welcome in Every Community

By joining the Y, you have nationwide access to thousands of Ys across the country. Whether you’re on vacation or heading across the country on a business trip, your membership goes with you. Across the country, you can enjoy the benefits of nationwide membership.

Before there was a state of Arizona there was Valley of the Sun YMCA. We are one of the oldest nonprofits in Arizona. Over 100,000 families across 16 communities (including Yuma and Flagstaff) are served through Valley of the Sun YMCA. Our commitment is to put forth Christian principles into practice, through programs that cultivate a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. You will find our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility elemental in all we do.

Contact Valley of the Sun YMCA today to find out what’s going on at your neighborhood branch. Get involved in the fun, and experience a fuller, healthier life no matter your age.

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