Luz Del Carmen Castorena has been a member of the Maryvale Family YMCA for almost 4 years. Her anniversary will be coming up in August 2016. One of her grandsons suffers from Autism and one of his doctors mentioned that the Y had programs that would benefit him. She chose swim lessons to get him started.  She found that her grandson greatly benefited from these.  Soon after this Luz was diagnosed with fat liver disease and was in desperate need of starting a healthy living lifestyle. She decided to use the Y to help with this and started taking group fitness classes. She used exercise to help change her health and began to see the positive effects that it had not only on her body but also on her outlook on life. She also suffered from depression and the first Zumba instructor really influenced her on positive thinking. Her classes were filled with joy and happiness. Slowly she began to see exercise as a positive addiction. Cycling, Zumba, Zumba fitness, Step, hip hop, jumpstart are just some of her few addictions here at the Y.  Exercising is a way of life. Her hobbies include going to the park with her grandchildren. Their favorite sport includes soccer in park. Since she has 3 special needs grandchildren she takes care of the cooking, playing and transporting them from place to place which means that she must be physically fit in order to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Her favorite foods include anything that is delicious. She enjoys drinking water with lemon. Her loves watching her 2 favorite movies that she can watch over and over which are Edward Scissorhands & I am Sam. If you wish to give her a gift make sure it’s in the color blue. She would like to say this to other people in the community: “Please come and join the Maryvale Family YMCA. It is a wonderful place where you can leave everything that stresses you out outside and focus on yourself. I love the environment and absolutely love the instructors. They are the best. “