5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Never Stop Exercising

Written by Sharon Lynn, Desert Foothills Family YMCA healthy living coordinator

Exercise increases bone strength.

Bone density is affected by aging and when you exercise you can prolong the onset of osteoporosis. Along with bone strength, overall joint flexibility is empowered through movement which, in turn, helps circulation. It gets harder and harder to stay flexible and keep up with your friends and family as you get older so regular exercise stimulates your bodies and keeps you strong and agile.

Exercise keeps you happy.

Exercise gives you endorphins which stimulate positive moods and thinking. Participating in exercise like jogging, biking, or group classes also leads to social relationships which are key to overall fulfillment. By meeting new people or pairing up with friends or family to stay active, you share common goals which, in turn, leads to happy encounters and symbiotic relationships.

Exercise helps you stay in the game.

Just like when you were children, you start to rely on others more and more as you get older. You may find yourself needing help to reach things or when trying to keep up with the grandkids. But staying fit allows you to take control of your energy levels and physical capabilities. While things may get tougher as you get older, exercise stalls the decline to having to slow down or avoid all types of physical activity for fear you can’t keep up.

Exercise staves off diabetes.

Moving consistently has been shown to help regulate blood glucose levels which prevents or regulates diabetes at any age. Aerobic activity works wonders to regulate our bodies to function as normally as possible.

Exercise helps you do what you want.

There is no greater freedom than do move as you’d like, to go where you please, and to partake in the daily chores and activities that make you feel alive. Exercise makes it possible for you to live an independent life without having to feel limited due to physical capabilities.