” I have worked at Ahwatukee YMCA since 2004. I started as a group fitness instructor teaching a variety of classes. I studied for and received my personal trainer certification in 2011. I’m blessed to be training at Ahwatukee foothills. I love health and fitness. Every day I get to make a positive impression on my clients and members and teach them and be an example of a healthy lifestyle.

My healthy lifestyle includes a variety of foods some would consider forbidden. I love good dark chocolate, caramel, and lays potato chips. All together or separately.”-Jana


Jana was born into a military family and moved multiple times in her early years. Settling in Texas, she joined her first gym at age 13.  She participated in group fitness classes,  weight training, and met her future husband in that first gym.  Jana’s passion for fitness led her  to become certified as a Group Fitness instructor.  She has taught a variety of classes including step aerobics,           resistance training , spinning, water fitness and interval training. Needing a new goal, after 13 years of teaching group fitness and raising three sons, she earned her Personal Training certification. Currently,  Jana is a Personal Trainer at the Ahwatukee Foothills Family YMCA and continues to study new fitness trends and ideas.


Make exercise and healthy eating a priority.  The more consistent you are the  better your results.