Take a look at our upcoming swim lessons in March. We are offering Tuesday/Thursday classes starting March 3.

PIKE (AGE 3-5) 9:30AM, 5:35PM
EEL (AGE 3-5) 5:00PM
RAY (AGE 3-5) 5:35PM
POLLIWOG (AGE 6-12) 5:00PM
GUPPY (AGE 6-12) 5:00PM
MINNOW (AGE 6-12) 6:10PM

Class Descriptions

  • PARENT/CHILD: Parent/Child comfort in water; preparing child to learn to swim.
  • PIKE: Safety and elementary swimming skills taught; little or no experience.
  • EEL: Students learn to kick, surface dive, float and perform paddle stroke.
  • RAY: Learn to tread water, stroke skills, floating on front and back.
  • POLLIWOG: Swimmers with little or no experience.
  • GUPPY: Must be able to float on front and back and swim 25 yard front crawl.
  • MINNOW: Must be able to swim 50 yards front and back crawl.

Registration ends March 1 at 2 pm.

Call for more information.