I’m 3 and just started Preschool! I love superheroes. Hulk is my favorite because he is REALLY big and can smash. I love sports too! I can run SUPER fast!

The Y is my favorite place to come play with my friends.

The AKC has so many fun toys like blocks, trucks, and balls. There’s also a lot of nice teachers! Ms. Ali is one of the teachers who help us learn and make cool projects. She teaches special classes called Toddler Time every morning! I’d be so great to have more of my buddies come to the classes with me. Ask your mommies to sign you up too at the front desk! Don’t forget to ask for a sucker or cookies…that’s my favorite part!

My favorite Toddler Time is called Fitter Critters. It’s the best! We get to go to the gym and play games. We run around a lot but also sing and dance. We even do yoga sometimes! I really like the stories my mommy reads at the other classes too. She even does science experiments with us! It’s really cool to be the Member of the Month!! Thanks for getting to know me! I hope you say hi when you see me next time!