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Have You Tried High Fitness Yet?

High Fitness at the YMCA

High fitness combines HIIT training with plyometric movements to get you moving and deliver a blood-pumping workout.… Read More

The Power to Create Change Through Affirmation

Wall decorations that say daily words of affirmation

Amber, Child Care Director at Southwest Valley Family YMCA, has implemented a system to impact youth on a new level. … Read More

Healthy Living: A Guide to a Better Life

A senior couple walking for healthy living

When we talk about healthy living, the first thing that comes to mind is eating healthy. However, its meaning goes much further. … Read More

Embracing Yoga to Strengthen the Self

woman on yoga mat

Yoga has been used for centuries to practice self-control, self-awareness, and self-healing. The Y offers various Yoga classes to help you be your best.… Read More

5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Never Stop Exercising

Seniors Fitness | Seniors Programs & Activities | Valley of the Sun YMCA

There is no greater freedom than do move as you’d like, to go where you please, and to partake in the daily chores and activities that make you feel alive. Exercise makes it possible for you to live an independent life without having to feel limited due to physical capabilities.… Read More