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The Y helped Karen Crowe With Her Balance

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“I have been a resident of Phoenix since the summer of 2013. Before that, I lived in Virginia and worked as a teacher. I married a man who lives in phoenix and retired and moved out to the valley. I was a member of the YMCA in Spotsylvania, Virginia.… Read More

Aaron Monte

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Aaron Monte has been a member of the Ross Farnsworth-East Valley YMCA for over 6 years. His favorite pastime at the Y is swimming in the pool. Aaron began a challenge about 5 years ago to swim 1,000 miles. In October of 2015, he hit his goal and is still swimming strong. Congratulations Aaron in reaching your goal!… Read More

“Thank you for helping me get back on my feet” Y Story

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Rose came to the Y Residence Program because of a bad living situation. She recently had moved to Phoenix from New York and unfortunately trusted the wrong people to move in with in Phoenix, and found herself on the street. She had money to pay the monthly rent but needed a place she could feel safe.… Read More

Young Mother Finds Empowerment and Success

A success story is everywhere you look when it comes to the YMCA. The Y-Achievers Work Readiness program continues to strive and thrive as these young adults courageously take their futures to new heights.… Read More

Y-Achievers’ Success Stories


Many YMCA locations offer health and fitness programs throughout the valley, but did you know they also provide youth development classes and work readiness programs such as the Y-Achievers program. This program for young adults inspires and guides persons up to twenty-two years of age to prepare and study for their general education degree.… Read More

My Y Story

“We are on one income. My wife is a stay at home mom who deserves to have a place to go and workout. My daughter being able to go into child watch will help in her development. As a family, we want to live a better, healthier life.”… Read More

Why the Y?

“I had to stop my workout and take this picture because the staff is kind and genuine. Anybody can find a place to workout, the reason so many of us choose the YMCA is because being a part of this community is meaningful.”… Read More

Members Share

“I am a single mother with two boys, and my only income is just $710 a month. At the end of the month, I have hardly any money left after rent, electric, phone and every day necessities are paid for. My chronic illness has impacted my ability work, yet I have a desire to maintain my health as best as I can…… Read More

iLearn Testimonial

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I came to America at the age of five with my big sister to meet up with my mom. I never really met my mom because she left for America when I was small and I don’t remember her. It was nice to be here, but it’s so different from my home in Honduras.… Read More