“I am very thankful for the chance to share our positive experience with the YMCA. I remember when I met with one of my friends and talked about how much my kids were missing sports because the fees were too high for my family to pay. She told me that I could try to talk to the YMCA and ask for a scholarship for my kids to play basketball. We were extremely happy when we were accepted. I was thinking that this was the opportunity for us to find someone who could listen and understand our needs and provide help with our tough circumstances. I met with the wonderful people, from the basketball sport director to the people at the front desk, and they gave us attention and fairness in the most friendly way possible. It might sound as a simple action for some people to just place their kids in the YMCA but it does have a huge impact in the short run and the long run. I believe that no matter my financial situation, people at the YMCA are making a huge difference in my family’s lives. The opportunity to be accepted for financial aid changed our lives. My sons are improving in basketball and in school as well. Especially my older son who was pleaded to play on the school team by his friends because they saw him playing all the time after school and saw how good he became thanks to the YMCA. The YMCA also helped give tons of exercise to my kids which helped with their health. They are progressing on and off the court and that is all because the YMCA helped give them an outlet from their frustration at school and a way to help build character. Every time I’m home I pray and thank the wonderful people that talk to me in their offices with respect, and kindness. I appreciate the work that the YMCA has done for my family and the special people that work there. -Ranya

1 year later Ranya son’s was selected to play on Canyon Athletics Division II Boys All-State Basketball Team