Member Spotlight: He loved his first summer so much they decided to keep their membership year round and participate in the afterschool program at the Y!… Read More


She knew she had to make changes and was determined to find a healthier lifestyle. Keba was introduced to Al Hameed, a wellness coach that gave her the direction she needed to start this journey.… Read More

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After his family was able to sign him up for the Chris-Town’s Summer Camp Javi found that summer wasn’t the only season he could spend with the Y. He quickly fell in love with the environment and fun activities the Y offered him and his family. … Read More


Lula Randle grew up near the Chris-Town YMCA, she always wanted to learn more about the YMCA but never had the opportunity to participate in programs.… Read More

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He needed to find a facility to begin a regular exercise routine and began searching for a place that provided opportunities for swimming. It wasn’t until he joined the YMCA that he truly felt he had found the environment he was searching for.… Read More