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Y Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Moody

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When we asked Elizabeth what she would tell someone who didn’t know about the Y, she said, “There’s something for all ages! It’s a very welcoming place that has wonderful resources for families. It provides opportunities and we love that.”… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Relia

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Relia was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She played softball throughout high school and found her love and passion for outdoor sports and staying healthy.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Tucker M

Tucker M | Member Spotlight | Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA

Member Spotlight: He loved his first summer so much they decided to keep their membership year round and participate in the afterschool program at the Y!… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Keba Hill

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She knew she had to make changes and was determined to find a healthier lifestyle. Keba was introduced to Al Hameed, a wellness coach that gave her the direction she needed to start this journey.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Gail Williams

Christown Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Shortly after the season, she relocated to the East Valley for a year and struggled to find programs for her son.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Javi Segora

Christown Member Spotlight

After his family was able to sign him up for the Chris-Town’s Summer Camp Javi found that summer wasn’t the only season he could spend with the Y. He quickly fell in love with the environment and fun activities the Y offered him and his family. … Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Lula Randle

Christown Member Spotlight

Lula Randle grew up near the Chris-Town YMCA, she always wanted to learn more about the YMCA but never had the opportunity to participate in programs.… Read More