Facing a health crisis, he weighed 315 pounds and was battling many health issues, including leukemia. Murrilo took action and joined the Y to swim.

At the young age of 70, Birdie has been swimming and working out at the Chris-Town YMCA to help him lose weight.

In addition to his training schedule, Murrilo has established a community at the Y and is a fixture playing racquetball several times a week. He felt like the Y would help him achieve a good quality of life.

“I wanted to see my grandkids grow up,” he says.

When asked what is his favorite part of the Y, Murrilo responds, “The environment; it’s my home away from home. I feel supported and loved like family at Chris-Town.”

To demonstrate his gratitude, Murrilo donates to the YMCA’s annual fund campaign. “I feel it’s important to contribute so others can have the chance to be a part of YMCA too,” he says.