She was introduced to our personal trainer, Denice, and began her journey to increase her physical strength.

She attended training sessions with Denice three mornings each week and appreciated the warm, welcoming interactions she experienced with each visit to the YMCA.

Sanchez speaks highly of the atmosphere at the Chris-Town YMCA, mentioning the warmth and kindness of every person she’s encountered.

After a couple of years of training sessions, Sanchez was introduced to swimming laps as part of her daily fitness routine, and the aquatics team was very helpful in making her comfortable in the pool. She is now swimming every day, not only for strength but also for endurance, and especially for self-reflection. Swimming has given Sanchez the option to exercise without experiencing any pain and without the fear of falling.

Sanchez now looks forward to increasing her involvement with the Chris-Town YMCA, through volunteering, in hopes of contributing her strengths and smiles to the Chris-Town community.