He needed to find a facility to begin a regular exercise routine and began searching for a place that provided opportunities for swimming. It wasn’t until he joined the YMCA that he truly felt he had found the environment he was searching for.

In 1981, he first joined the YMCA in Southern California, utilizing the facility and swimming pool daily. He immediately noticed a difference in the service and the relationships between staff, members and the community at the YMCA. Other for-profit gyms in the area provided the facility but were missing the family-like atmosphere that Olander enjoys. The YMCA not only provided a fitness facility but also people he considered friends, who welcomed him daily by name and with a smile.

When Olander moved to Arizona, he immediately searched for a YMCA to join, knowing he would prefer the same community environment he enjoyed at the Y in California.

He found the Valley of the Sun YMCA and became a Valleywide member, meaning he can work out at any of the 16 branches.

He continues his fitness journey by working out several times a week.

Olander is an avid sports fan, cheering for the Arizona Cardinals and Diamondbacks. He loves to engage with Y staff and other members, sharing stories and updates on his favorite sports teams.

Now a familiar face at the Chris-Town YMCA, Olander is consistent in his commitment to the YMCA community and his health.