Javi is at the Y almost every day where he volunteers in the afterschool program. He takes any leadership opportunity thrown at him and has been a part of the junior lifeguard program as well the Chris-towns camp counselor leadership program. You will find Javi handing out snacks to afterschool participants, taking out trash to the dumpster, or practicing his free-throws in the basketball gym.

The main goal for Javi in 2019 is “To work out more.” He is currently in 8th grade and has a goal to play football when he goes to high school. He has been using the gym every day and is learning how to lift weights.

He plans to do flag football at the YMCA in the summer and try out for the freshman football team in the fall.

He thinks being a running back would be cool but wouldn’t mind playing any position.

Javi doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up, but he does want to work at the Y when he is old enough. “Probably at the front desk.” Is Javi’s answer to where he would want to work at the YMCA. He is also interested in one day being a personal trainer, and helping kids and teens learn about fitness.

At the Chris-Town YMCA, Javi helps out a lot. This comes down to his attitude of rather being busy than doing nothing. He would rather be out of the house than of the couch as he puts it. The Chris-Town YMCA is starting a Teen leadership program this year and Javi has agreed to be a part of it and to bring some friends if he can. We hope to see him develop further as a person and in a few years become a part of the Chris-Town staff family.