Each person in our family likes to workout differently. The YMCA is affordable and has something for everyone.

Paul enjoys seeing families working out together and particularly the Y’s comfortable atmosphere.

“I go there to workout, not perform, and the range of equipment fits my workout program.” Cheryl loves classes like Zumba, BollyX, and Yoga.

“You get to know people in your class, and the scheduled times help me stay faithful. I knew Zumba was for me when repetitively at the end of the class I could tell physically I had a challenging workout but mentally it felt like I just had fun. The music and dance motivate you to keep going. But also you can alter the movements for injury and fitness level without people thinking you’re a wimp.”

Liesl loves working out in the gym and particularly the Balance and Flex class. “I enjoy walking in and seeing the smiles, interacting with the teacher and other people in the class, hearing the giggles when we mess up. It’s a fun way to workout. I feel comfortable in the classes and gym. After a while, the staff and members start feeling like family more than a gym.” Elyse loves the special activities like Parents’ Night Out and Breakfast with Santa. “I have tons and tons of friends there, and it’s fun. And there’s plenty of room to run and play.” We see the positive impact on our lives. The Y helps us meet our fitness goals. We’ve made friends here–people who want to be healthy like we do. We encourage and care about each other.