Tony Lehn’s long affiliation with the Valley of the Sun YMCA began in 2005 when he became a volunteer coach at the Copper Basin branch. He started as a t-ball coach and then became chairman of the advisory board. He later joined the staff at Copper Basin as the healthy living director, overseeing the fitness and aquatic departments.

Five years later, Lehn transferred to Chauncey Ranch, a YMCA camp in Mayer, Arizona, where he was camp director for five years and then volunteered for an additional four years helping run programs at camp. Today Lehn is the senior program director for the Glendale/Peoria Family YMCA.

The entire Lehn family reflects in their lifestyle the YMCA four core values: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Tony’s wife, Cindy; son, Jonathan, and daughter, Jasmine, all have been part of the YMCA since 2005 and believe strongly in its mission.

Cindy started working at the Copper Basin YMCA in the preschool department. At Chauncey Ranch, she worked in the camp store, kitchen and in programs. Currently, she is a site director at the Glendale/Peoria Family YMCA in the before- and after-school and camp departments.

Jonathan started at Copper Basin playing t-ball, basketball, and flag football and swimming when his parents were at work. Participating in athletics at the YMCA helped Jonathan through his youth. YMCA programs also gave him the opportunity to be active through his high school years.

When his parents worked at Chauncey Ranch, Jonathan volunteered running camp programs, cleaning cabins, lifeguarding and helping around camp. During the past two summers, he worked at Glendale as a swim instructor, lifeguard and camp counselor. During the school year, Jonathan attends Northern Arizona University.

Jasmine learned to swim and wrestle at the Copper Basin YMCA. She learned to play t-ball, basketball and eventually joined the swim team. Participating in Y sports has given Jasmine the opportunity to stay fit and to mature. At Chauncey Ranch, she volunteered helping her mom in the store and cleaning cabins. She is currently a junior in high school and works at the

Glendale/Peoria Family YMCA as a lifeguard, swim instructor and camp counselor, in addition to helping in the before- and after-school program.

As exemplified by the Lehn family, the YMCA is a place for families to learn and grow.