Scott’s Y Story begins on March 7th 2015, on his way to work he was in a terrible car accident.   He was hit head-on by another driver who was traveling at a very high rate of speed.  Scott was injured very badly in the accident.  He broke his back and sustained a closed brain injury.  After his long hospital stay, Scott was went home wearing a back brace and only able to walk with the use of a walker.  Prior to the accident Scott was working as a partner in a landscape business.   Because of his injuries Scott was unable to continue his job and needed to find other employment.  His doctors told Scott that he needed to rehabilitate his muscles and that led him to the YMCA.  Because of his financial need the YMCA provided Scott with a membership with funds raised by the Annual Community Support Campaign.   Scott began walking laps in the pool because it was all he could do.   Slowly he became stronger and was able to walk with just the use of a cane, and eventually completely recovered.  Thanks to the YMCA Scott is back on his feet!  He continues to workout in the pool and regularly participates in group fitness classes.  Additionally Scott has become a member campaign volunteer and donor, giving back to the organization that gave so much to him.