Kerry and John Watkins have been members of the Desert Foothills Family YMCA for over two years. At the time they joined, Kerry was new to Arizona and had several goals in mind. In addition to her desire to meet people and to continue her passion for swimming, she “wanted to lose weight.”
Kerry discovered many activities at the Y that she enjoyed including Zumba, ShBam, and the exercise equipment. “When I joined the Y, I wanted to lose weight. I have made progress toward my goal and have lost 10 pounds. Making new friends and having the support of the staff at the Y helped.”

Through classes at the Y, Kerry has made many friends. At first, “people would take off and go home right after class. Now they stay after and chat. People notice if you aren’t there.” “The staff at the Y is awesome! They know your name. It feels like they are family.”

Their Y family would prove to be invaluable when the couple went through a challenging time in their lives. Kerry shared, “When John was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through radiation treatments, he became very weak and lost a lot of strength. As his caretaker, Kerry knew that “it was important for me to take care of myself physically and mentally so that I could provide care for John. I did that at the Y. It was my outlet.”

“Activity at the Y has helped John to get stronger. He is now able to get back up on our horses again.” John enjoys the exercise equipment, swimming and using the Jacuzzi.

John’s career is with the military and he currently works for the Movie Industry (399 Wrangler). The Y offers special rates to military families because the Y wants to give back to those who dedicate themselves to serving our country. Both Kerry and John are “very grateful to the Y for providing this help. It honors us and we get so much out of our membership.”
September 2015