Leane and Jeanne Baughman have been members of the YMCA since their boys were 10 months old. They had just moved to Phoenix and were looking for a place to become fit and have a positive environment for their 3 boys, James, Riley, and Lucas. With their membership Leane and Jeanne made some great friends through the Amazing Kids Program and on the Wellness floor. Because the boys were so young and quiet a handful they wanted to find a place that the boys could be involved in different programs and activities and be in a positive environment. The Amazing Kids Center definitely helped in giving Leane and Jeanne a break and allowed them to relieve some of their stress. Now the boys are older and participate in the Afterschool Program, Parents Night Out, Sports, and Summer Camp. Riley says he loves the Y “Because the staff plays with us!” Lucas loves all of the fun activities and James loves the Y because it “Exposes us to new things that we don’t learn in school. For example, on Workout Thursday’s we learn how to use our bodies and not just play tag like at school P.E. The Y teaches us to be kind and respectful to other people.” Because of the Fitness Thursdays James is excited to be active and to workout!  Leane and Jeanne haven’t been able to come to the Y as much as they would like to but are beginning to make time to come into the Y at least 3 times a week to get back into shape. The boys are always excited to come to PNO where they play games, do crafts, and meet new kids every time! Summer camp is their favorite and they never give Leane and Jeanne a hard time when they get dropped off in the mornings.  They know the boys are going to have a great day and have the peace of mind that the boys will be safe. Leane says “The Y has been a positive place for our boys and they are always happy when I pick them up.  Thank you to you and your staff!”