Carly and Brent Harris have been members of the Desert Foothills Family YMCA for over four years.  At the time they joined, Carly was tired of her “baby weight” and had several goals in mind. Her initial goal was to lose weight and to get the rest of the family moving.

Carly discovered many activities at the Y that she enjoyed including ShBam and most importantly, small group personal training. “When I joined the Y, I recruited a few friends to take TRX classes.  I wanted to lose weight. I have made extreme progress toward my goal and feel and look the best I ever have. I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be. Making new friends and having the support of the staff at the Y helped.”

“The Y staff is friendly and the cost is affordable.  The cost of personal training is the best kept secret in the Valley and the trainers are the best around. They always push me to be better than I think I am and give me confidence to try things I didn’t realize I could do!”

Since joining, Carly has enjoyed a total transformation.  From being a full-time professional, wife and mother to an athlete.  She now runs marathons and Brent has recently joined her in her ventures.  Brent is dedicated to the gym.  The whole family has benefited from this Dynamic Duo couple!

“We are very grateful that the Y moved into our community!”