Nathan Achtzinger has been a mentor, teacher and coach throughout his life. He takes pride in giving back to his community and others any chance he gets. He spends a fair share of his free time at the DFFY, which helps him achieve his personal goals. Becoming a Y Ambassador was a natural progression for him. He felt that it would give him an opportunity for personal enrichment and a chance to meet new people.
Nathan believes that it is important to have a passion for developing and growing relationships that are built on trust and friendliness. He also believes that being a good ambassador means being visible, friendly, open minded, and leaving Y members with a positive encounter.
Being a Y ambassador is an opportunity to give back and help others. Like Nathan, you can get personal satisfaction and enrichment supporting others while making a difference in the Y’s community.
Nathan has been able to enhance his own communications skills, gain valuable volunteer experience, polish professional skills for future career opportunities, and expand his knowledge of the Y through networking with administration, members, and friends. Come join us in making new friends by being a Y ambassador!