She tends to be shy but has made friends at camp. Ami talks about her camp experiences often and it has really changed her! She is finding her voice, trying new activities, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

The YMCA camp increases her confidence and offers fun and educational experiences. During the final week of camp last summer, Ami was already asking to return for summer 2019.  Her older sister loved camp too and now has a part-time job at the Y!

Soon after moving across the country to Arizona, I became a single mom.  The YMCA entered our lives and brightened a dark time.  The Y has helped us all by giving my children a safe and supportive place to develop friendships and be a part of their community.  I am so grateful for the caring and friendly staff at the Y.    I would not be able to give her this experience without financial assistance.   Thank you for being such a positive part of our lives.