In 2017 we completed our full-time move to Arizona, and I embraced the opportunity to join the DFFY Advisory Board.
The Y has been a part of my life since my teenage years growing up in Dayton, Ohio, through our family years in St. Louis, Missouri, and now in our empty-nester years in Cave Creek. The YMCA is a great place that supports all members of our community from children through seniors.

The Desert Foothills Family YMCA is a special place. It offers a sense of vitality and a sense of belonging, and the friendliness of the staff and members is contagious.

As a new member of our local Cave Creek/Carefree community, being a member of the Desert Foothills Family YMCA provides an opportunity for me to become engaged and give back to my new community. Each time I become involved in a DFFY program, I become more amazed at what it gives to the community.

Last year I volunteered at the DFFY pumpkin garden in Carefree in early October, getting ready for Halloween. What a fun way to meet local families! I also learned a local lesson. Do not leave pumpkins outside at night, as they become a great snack for our native javelinas.

More recently, this summer I had the opportunity to participate in the YMCA’s Employee U program for local teens. It was exciting to see the curiosity in their eyes as we discussed topics from financial management to how to find a job. These experiences just touch the surface of the impact that the Y has on members and the community.

Diane also participates at Desert Foothills Family YMCA through its many water programs, from swim lessons to water fitness. It is fun to hear her stories about how proud the young kids are when they complete their first lap in the pool. Learning lifelong skills with an “I can do it” attitude is a win for everyone.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have fallen into the Desert Foothills Family YMCA, which has such a strong presence in our community. I look forward to meeting more DFFY members at the Y (or maybe even on the golf course) and continuing my involvement in the many programs it offers.