“I was out of shape physically due to the two years I lovingly cared for my wife. Emotionally, I needed something to help pick me up. I was depressed and just really didn’t want to do anything. The Y was an answer to my prayers.”

Terry began working with Personal Trainer, Elisha Wellman. He meets with her twice a week. “Elisha has been a large portion of my healing. Her positive encouragement has taken me to a level both physically and emotionally beyond what I could have achieved myself.” Terry now feels that he is in better shape than he has been in the last ten years! In addition to training with Elisha, he participates in Yoga, enjoys spin classes and plays tennis.

Emotionally, the Y has been good for Terry. “It feels like a family at the Y. The staff remember my name and make me feel welcome and comfortable every time I come.”

Terry looks forward to his time at the Y and working with Elisha. “She is so kind and genuine. It is very apparent that her spirit is really focused on loving and helping people.”

“Throughout this difficult time, my faith has been strengthened, my love of God and knowing Nancy is home with Jesus, gives me hope. God has set the Y in my path. The Y has really helped to give me the lift I needed to get through this difficult part of my life’s journey. I am thankful for the Y and the community of people who surround and support me.”