Virginia had trouble passing the eye test and found that she had a benign tumor sitting on her optic nerve. “After the surgery, the doctor told me that being fit and active helped promote a positive outcome and shortened the recovery time.”

Virginia was not always as active as she is now. Her job required her to travel out of town frequently and there was little time to take care of herself. When she retired, she knew it was time to put her health and well-being towards the top of her priority list. Virginia began taking fitness classes at her community center.

Kathy Wasson, a friend and long-time employee at the Desert Foothills Family YMCA, told Virginia about the programs at the Y and invited Virginia to give the Y a try.

Virginia attended several classes and fell in love with them!

“The classes keep me coming back to the Y and I look forward to them. I have made a network of friends who provide a true support system.”

Virginia has lost fifteen pounds and no longer needs to take blood pressure medication. She has gained strength and confidence. “There is such a tremendous value to the Y. The people make it so much fun.”