Kevin Hill may be a design engineer who makes gear pumps for asphalt and crude oil by day, but his most important job by far is being a dad. Kevin, who joined the Desert Foothills Family YMCA when they opened their doors, wanted a place where he and his family could enjoy spending time together while taking part in healthy activities. It ended up being a great fit for everyone, and it led Kevin to discover his love of coaching and the value of good sportsmanship.    

Kevin, who played basketball in high school, has served a coach for all three of his daughters’ recreational basketball leagues. He started coaching when his oldest daughter, Erin, was in 3rd grade, after watching her first session and deciding that sitting on the sidelines was not his thing. Kevin loves the game of basketball, and wanted to use his passion to make a contribution to his daughter’s team. He became an assistant coach with Andy Fetters in the next session, and his dedication has been continuing ever since.

One of the best moments that Kevin recalls is watching the Jay Hawks, the team that Erin started in, not only stick together, but go on to win their championship game at Talking Stick Arena. He was extremely proud of his team’s efforts and the stellar performance that Erin had in this game. “We certainly had to lose a lot of games in order to figure out how to win,” he remembers. “It is amazing what you learn about yourself and your group in these moments.”

Kevin says that coaching is one of his favorite things about being a part of the Y, and he is a huge fan of what the organization stands for. He has a very positive and patient coaching approach, and he likes being able to teach kids how to be good sports and ethical on the court. He believes that the culture of winning is secondary to the game and what it can do to teach players about working together towards a goal. Team mates, parents, coaches, referees and opposing players are what make the game possible, he says. He believes that it’s essential for players to have an appreciation of the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, as it will help them build their character and become well-rounded individuals prepared to deal with any future obstacles in life.

Kevin is in midstream of doing it all again with his youngest daughter, Mary, who is currently in the 3-4 basketball team now. He is looking forward to another great ride! It’s fathers and members like Kevin who make us proud to be an organization that serves our community by helping families come together and learn from one another. We wish Kevin a Happy Father’s Day, and thank him for allowing us to be a part of his family in such a special way!