How will my donation be used?

  • Provides childcare and nutritious meals for a youth for one month
  • Provides one under-served youth an unforgettable camp experience at camp Sky-Y
  • Provides 3 months of workforce development services for one youth
  • Provides a year of leadership or civic engagement programming for one teen
  • Trains one youth to be camp leaders for future summers through our Counselor in Training program
  • Provides a family with a Y membership for four months
  • Provides one month of safe housing for a low-income adult
  • Provides 10 teens with one month of leadership programming
  • Provides one family with a scholarship for a camp experience
  • Provides one week of early learning programming for one child
  • Provides one season of youth sports for two youth
  • Provides one week of senior outreach programming
  • Provides one week of out of school programming for one child
  • Provides lifesaving safety around water and swim lessons for one child
  • Provides one social activity for seniors
  • Provides a wellness program for one teen

Will my employer match my donation?

Can I deduct my donation on my taxes?

Yes! Tax circumstances are different for everyone, please consult your tax adviser with any questions on your specific situation.

Can you explain Arizona tax credits? How is a “tax credit” different from a “tax deduction”?

Tax deductions reduce how much of your income is subject to taxes. Donations made to Valley of the Sun YMCA are deductible on your taxes. Valley of the Sun YMCA Federal Tax ID: 86-0096799

Tax credits directly reduce the amount of tax you owe, giving you a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability or increase your refund. Donations made to Valley YMCA Cares are eligible for a tax credit on your Arizona State taxes. Valley YMCA Cares QCO Code: 20708

How do I fix a mistake on a donation?

Please contact our financial development office at 602.688.5353 or

Tell me about Estate Planning / Planned Giving

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