Teen programs are happening at the Flagstaff Family Y, and James and David have been here from the start. These two are best friends and have participated in teen events and programs since they tested the waters through our Youth and Government program in spring 2018.… Read More

This month’s spotlight is not on a particular member of the Y, but on 12 college students from NAU that had a profound impact on the Flagstaff Family YMCA, its members and the community. In January of 2018, the Y launched a program called the YMCA Leadership Academy.… Read More

Summer is here, school is out, vacations are planned and life is good… right? The idea of summer break is held in such high regard, but in reality, summer can be hard for families. What are the kids going to do? Who is going to feed them? How do we make sure they don’t have summer learning loss? These are just some of the questions that many parents face! That is where the Y steps in and can make a big difference in the lives of children. … Read More