Teen programs are happening at the Flagstaff Family Y, and James and David have been here from the start. These two are best friends and have participated in teen events and programs since they tested the waters through our Youth and Government program in spring 2018.

After the Youth and Government conference, David and James wanted to continue participating in programs at the Y, so they joined in the Community Youth Mapping program this past summer.

After realizing that they had grown as individuals, learned leadership skills and made a difference in their community through their involvement at the Y, they became active YMCA teen members and utilize the facility daily.

As their senior year of high school begins, James and David have decided to continue participating and playing a role in the Y by being a part of the Youth and Government program during the fall 2018 semester. They are excited about choosing their roles, debating, and creating bills and presenting them on the floor of the Arizona House and Senate in downtown Phoenix in November.

In addition to their current participation, James and David are putting their leadership skills into action by brainstorming future programs and events for teens and helping to recruit new individuals to come and experience all that the Y has to offer.

Thank you both for your contributions to the Y and for helping to strengthen the foundations of our community.