The McCord family started their involvement at the Y by sending their three-year-old son, Creston, to the YMCA Early Learning Center. New to the Flagstaff area, finding quality early childhood education was a priority. The high standard curriculum was essential for the McCord’s finding a place where Creston could learn and thrive. “The teachers work really hard there.” Creston has learned many of the core skills at the YMCA Early Learning Center.

Upon joining the Flagstaff YMCA, Carla and Cam found opportunities they could be a part of as well. Carla is an avid self-care enthusiast as a retired professional cyclist, so she enjoys a wide range of classes for her to participate in. She has taken full advantage of the daily body conditioning and training services embracing all the Y has to offer. Her husband Cam also regularly uses the wellness center amenities, especially the new treadmills.

“We really like the diversity of community members that utilize the Flagstaff Y.”

Carla and her family enjoy the reach within the community drawing in members of all walks of life. The core values really encourage a culture of inclusiveness. Carla also helps to promote the YMCA corporate membership at her place of work, Loven Contracting.

The variety of programs at the YMCA (including the Early Learning Center, Fitness and Wellness Center, and Amazing Kids Center) allows every member to find an opportunity to be involved. “We look forward to having Creston be a part of all the kids programs going on like the summer camps and year-round youth sports.” With an emphasis on FOR ALL, the Flagstaff Y helps the member find a true sense of community. “[The AKC kids] always look like they are having fun, which allows the parents to easily drop off their kids and feel supported when the focus on their own self-care.”

The McCord family loves the accessibility to everyone in Flagstaff. The scholarship opportunities give everyone a chance to be a part of the Y. As donors, the McCord family is thrilled by all the good work being done at the Flagstaff Family YMCA.