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Workout Together With New And Old Friends When You Join The Y Community

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the YMCA different from any other gym or organization, the answer is the community.

At the YMCA, we are a hard-working organization that strives to offer the best to the community. When you are part of us, you are part of a family that seeks to give the best and always makes you feel welcome. Each employee delivers dedication and love to each member through our programs, activities, and services.

When you arrive at our facilities, you have probably realized that people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages are around. People come to the YMCA because it is a perfect place where they can establish new long-life friendships, and expand their network, or it is simply a place where they can come with their loved ones to strengthen their relationships with each other, like our members Sally and Wendy do. They are two friends that have decided to go to the YMCA because they have found the perfect place to strengthen their relationship throughout the years.

They met in high school, and since then, they have been best friends and like to spend time together in every opportunity that comes their way. Sally and Wendy, after they retired from their jobs, wanted to find a place that allowed them to do activities together and most importantly to stay healthy. It was there that they decided to start their journey at the YMCA. A path in which they have been together and have met wonderful people along the way with whom they have created long-time friendships. They have been able to work out together in classes such as Silver Sneakers, Active Older Adults, Zumba, and others.

“The staff is always so kind. It is a good place to come.” Sally

“Everyone is so friendly when you come to class; it’s like you have Y friends. People seem very connected with one another.” Wendy

We want to give real experiences that people can remember, and we know we are doing a good job of providing those experiences when we hear stories like Sally’s and Wendy’s stories.


  1. You are each other’s supporters.
  2. A fun way to strengthen the relationship with your loved one.
  3. Have fun together while burning some calories.
  4. Brings happiness to your relationship.


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