Have you ever heard of someone who has started volunteering in an organization and then been hired?

At the YMCA, you’ve probably heard of some other case of someone who has volunteered and then got to start their career with us. It is essential to provide opportunities to our community. Therefore, we are always doubling our efforts to place our organization on the path to success.

We recognize that each member of our community has potential. When we open employment opportunities, we always consider those who already do for our family and our cause to join our teams. An excellent example of this is Tami Monk, our Membership Concierge at Lincoln Downtown Family YMCA.

You have probably met or seen Tami when you go to our branch in downtown Phoenix. She is always willing to help you with whatever you need at our front desk, as well as she will not hesitate to give you a welcoming smile. Tami started her journey with the YMCA as a volunteer about a year and a half ago. She decided to join the YMCA as a volunteer to interact with others and do something in her spare time. “I love the most about my job because I interact with people, and the Y is a great organization.”

Tami’s roles at the YMCA include answering calls, assisting with the Resident Housing Program, and assisting with membership. If you ever have any questions about your membership with the Lincoln Downtown Family YMCA, Tami is always happy to help.

The Y is always thrilled to offer a multitude of career opportunities whether you want a full-time or part-time position. We have opportunities for everyone in different fields, be it aquatics, membership, youth development, healthy living, and more. The YMCA is a place where you can make an impact in your community.


At the Y, we are always looking to hire passionate people from different backgrounds. If you are looking for a career with a cause, join our growing organization and make an impact in the lives of those around you! Learn more about our openings here and make a lasting difference with a career at the Y!

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At the Y, we have opportunities for everyone to share their time, dedication, and expertise while serving their community. A volunteer’s time and talent can go a long way to help a child, mentor a teen, or be a sports coach.

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