To improve our community’s health and well-being through guidance and support, facilities, expertise, and resources.

At the Y, we know that our appreciable expertise will lead members of all ages on a path to a healthier life and to help them to achieve their wellness goals. Our unparalleled support and programs include group fitness, Zumba and yoga classes, wellness guidance, fitness and nutrition support, and personal training. The YMCA’s encourages healthy lifestyle choices and offers Corporate Wellness, as well as a Health and Dental Clinic. Healthy living also about quality family time, sharing healthy recipes, and sharing member success stories.


Join the Y Corporate Wellness Program for a more active, healthy, and productive workforce.

The Valley of the Sun YMCA believes that our organization is the ultimate partner when it comes to Corporate Wellness. Our main goal is to modify employee health risks by guiding, promoting, and reinforcing preventative choices.

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Providing Quality Medical Care for Our Community

The Valley of the Sun YMCA is improving the nation’s health and well-being and fostering connections with Medical and Dental Clinics to serve both Valley children and adults in need of care.

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