The Y’s Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program supports young parents, ages 16-24, as they work to achieve their college and career goals.

At the beginning of the program, participant construct a “college and career blueprint”—their personalized, comprehensive roadmap to education and career success, and independent and financially stable adult living.

Program components may vary due to our highly individualized case management, but may include: basic academic skills instruction, weekly college readiness, work-readiness, and life-skills workshops, and a weekly “Parent and Me” support group.

Youth who are high school dropouts will work with a case manager to achieving their GEDs, while youth who are high school graduates work to bring basic academic skills to post-secondary standards. Youth in school also have opportunities to engage with career advisors on weekends and evenings discussing college and career plans, applying for scholarships, internships, and financial planning.

The program is free of charge to qualified youth.

To get Involved, call a career advisor today at (602) 688-5332.