Workforce/Career Services:


Helping vulnerable youth reach their full potential as they pursue high educational and career goals

 Y Achievers helps young adults (ages 16-24) get started in the right direction in life. Participants explore their career interests, train in high-demand careers and gain the confidence they need to become employed in our ever-changing job market.

The program is free of charge to qualified youth, and specialized services are offered in the following areas:

Youth with Disabilities

Pregnant and Parenting Youth

Disconnected Youth

Economically Disadvantaged Youth



Career Services and College Access

Y-Achievers offers college access assistance to youth and young adults, creating a pathway that leads to higher education. All youth and young adults in our program are given the opportunity to learn about career planning, college options (post-secondary education), vocational training programs, college enrollment process, financial aid and scholarships. Dynamic workshops and college tours generate excitement and motivation while exposing these youth and young adults to opportunities to build a strong foundation for success.

Beyond creating academic goals using our College and Career Blueprint, barriers are identified and overcome through encouragement, support and guidance as we build the desire and drive for our youth to reach their dreams. To learn more about Y-Achievers, contact us at 602-688-5332.

High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Diploma, and Alternative Learning Instruction

What we do.
The Y-Achievers program is a dynamic and inclusive program. We look forward to meeting the needs of young adults on their journey to completing high school as a step to entering the workforce or college/trade school. The Y-Achievers program has had great success working with students that have been out of school for some time, or just for the student that needs to finish high school and move on to the next challenge in life. Whatever the reason for not completing high school, we are here to help you on your way to completion of your High School Equivalency Diploma and on a path that leads to a better job or to entering college.

How we do it.
We focus on leadership and youth development as a means to assist young adults to improve and become a productive and successful member of society. We follow the Arizona Board of Education standards leading to a progressive individualized study program with the goal of completing the GED at your individual pace. Our goal is for you to have fun while maximizing strengths and working to increase individual skills. Participants have access to job fairs, volunteer opportunities, career days, as well as field trips and camps. We are not just a GED program; we are a step up program, asking you to step up, or help someone take that step up toward lifelong success.



Participants will earn their Kauffman entrepreneurial license and be involved in all aspects of running the business—from construction to marketing of this trendy furniture.