Thanks to a grant from the Phoenix Industrial Development Authority, youth from Maryvale will be learning, hands-on, what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Thirty youth will be selected to be a part of “Y-Knot”, a start-up pallet furniture making venture run by the Valley of the Sun YMCA Youth Workforce Development Program.

Participants will earn their Kauffman entrepreneurial license and be involved in all aspects of running the business—from construction to marketing of this trendy furniture.  The program starts in July.

For more information, contact Jacob Hansen at 480-703-3103.

  • Opportunity to build hand-on entrepreneurial skills through a pallet furniture making venture
  • Earn an entrepreneurial credential (Kauffman “Fast Trac-New Venture)
  • Includes basic OSHA training
  • Participants design, construct, market, sell pallet furniture
  • 20 hour per week commitment for 10-week period
  • Participants receive minimum wage along with gift cards for furniture sales
  • Popular work experience component for our youth with disabilities—helping to develop work readiness skills as well as basic academic skills


8/18/15 – Y-Knot participants and their projects.

7/13/15 – The Y-Knot participants have been busy building and are starting to sell what they have created!

4/19/16-  Y-knot has been up and running for one year and has a very successful year thus far. The participants, ages 16-24, have worked and completed several projects. Projects include: carnival signs for Winter Spectacular, model train cars for Sky-Y and numerous individual items.

 Y-Knot has had 27 youth complete the program and earn their Kauffman Entrepreneur Licensure credential.

 A typical day during the Y-knot entrepreneurship consist of prep time with the instructor to ensure proper sketching and dimensions will be used for projects. Once the participant and instructor have gone over dimensions and measurements then the participant may begin to break down pallets to construct their projects. The participant will then decorate the furniture piece in anyway they like.

 The final stage is the marketing aspect. Each participant will utilize various ways to market/advertise and sell their projects to consumers for profit.