Healthy Living: A Guide to a Better Life

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for everyone. We can highlight that it was a year that taught us that we must follow a path focused on following healthy habits.

When we talk about healthy living, the first thing that comes to mind is eating healthy. However, its meaning goes much further. Healthy living is to keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy, either through a balanced diet, daily exercise, or other holistic meditation activities.

According to a study by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, “at age 50, women who didn’t adopt any of the five healthy habits were estimated to live on average until they were 79 years old and men until they were 75.5 years. In contrast, women who adopted all five healthy lifestyle habits lived 93.1 years and men lived 87.6 years.”

Finding an ideal way that fits our needs and tastes to start a healthy life is easy. Therefore, here we leave you eight activities and exercises with which you can start.

Here are some things you can do to start your healthy living journey:

  • Eating consciously healthy by finding a nutritionist or a healthcare specialist who can provide an adequately balanced diet.
  • Find personal training to help you set and meet your specific goals.
  • Join a group exercise class to connect with others and exercise in a fun and joyful way.
  • If you are new to holistic activities, you can join a low-impact type of yoga, such as yin yoga, or simply follow a guided meditation technique.

Ready for Balanced and Healthy Living?

At the Y, our impact focuses on improving our community’s health and well-being by offering support, guidance, resources, facilities, and expertise. Our 11 Y’s around the valley provide different programs and activities from group fitness, adult swim, active older adults, and more. Each of them is designed to give you a better quality of life, helping you connect with your spirit, mind, and body. You can also meet and socialize with other participants who, also like you, want to improve their lives.

To make it easier for our members to have access to classes more easily, we have provided a platform called Virtual Y to take classes online.

Living life with healthy habits can change your life and lead you to enjoy it more thoroughly; you just have to consciously commit to making a change and following it.

And remember, listening to what your body asks for is always the key!

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