Have You Tried High Fitness Yet?

High fitness is said to be a modern version of aerobics, which combines HIIT training and plyometric movements. This new fitness technique was founded by friends and fitness instructors Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson. To Amber, HIGH was born to fill a much-needed gap in the group fitness space – most workouts we experienced were either super intense and easy to follow OR super fun and very choreographed.”

Among the benefits of high fitness, we find:

  1. Burn calories while having fun
  2. Shaping and toning the whole body
  3. Promoting the feeling of confidence and strength
  4. Improving general fitness
  5. Make new friends and be social!


At Y, we are committed to all community members finding a fun way to keep mind, body, and spirit active, as well as, improving our community’s health and well-being by offering support, guidance, resources, facilities, and expertise. For this reason, we are always looking for the best programs for our members to live an enriching experience that makes them feel connected, not only to themselves but also with other members of the community. Around the valley, in our different locations, we offer programs and activities for all. Group fitness, among other ones such as personal training and Virtual Y, is one of many ways the Y helps support members to achieve their health and wellness goals.

For our High Fitness instructor at Desert Foothills Family YMCA, Lindsay Beeker, High fitness is a high-level energy class that provides our participants a fun and modern way to exercise.

If you are passionate about music, dance, and fitness, and want to find a way to stay healthy while exercising your body, high fitness is for you. No matter what level you are at, the class is designed for you to have fun in a fun and healthy way, with easy-to-follow choreography.

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