In light of recent health events and with the cold and flu season upon us, we are all concerned about staying healthy. The YMCA would like to provide our members, visitors and staff alike a few reminders on how we keep our YMCA’s healthy and reduce the risk of spreading any illness.

What we all must do:

  •  Wash your hands properly and often
  •  Cover your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze
  •  Stay home if you or a child is ill
  •  Disinfect workout surfaces after each use

What the Y is doing

  •  Provides disinfectants and sanitizers throughout our facilities
  • Staff disinfect surfaces on a regular basis
  • Staff are encouraged to stay home if ill

  • Childcare staff work with parents to ensure the healthy environment policy is followed
  •  Nightly cleaning crews disinfect surfaces and equipment thoroughly.

For more information on how to keep your community, your family and yourself

healthy visit

Thank you for your help in keeping our YMCA healthy!


Healthy Environment Reminders 2014

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