Work, school, kids, friends, holiday parties – our days are so jammed with activities that it can be a struggle to fit in the things we love. Motivation to commit to a program is always a challenge during the Holidays. Let this be the December you get a JUMPSTART on your January success.

Ride the JUMPSTART Circuit into 2015: Cardiovascular and strength circuit training is a total-body workout that involves performing a series of different exercises in one training session, alternating between intervals of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Because the workout includes both strength and cardio training, exercisers will realize the benefits of both types of exercise.

Some of the benefits of total-body strength training include increased strength, lean body mass, improved posture and muscle balance and increased bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis.

Because circuit program exercises quickly alternate between strength and cardiovascular, the exerciser’s heart rate remains elevated and sustained above a resting level throughout the workout. This promotes cardiovascular conditioning and reduces the need for a separate cardiovascular component in the workout. Circuit training programs are also proven to burn more calories compared to traditional strength-training programs due to the maintenance of an elevated heart rate. By keeping the heart rate up throughout the session, more work is performed in less time resulting in greater caloric expenditure during the workout.

VOSY JUMPSTART program uses proven scientific methods to keep you motivated during the 45-minute class. Instructors keep it interesting by adding in variety, progression and FUN throughout the circuit.

Commit to two-days per week for 45-minutes to this program and experience the improvements to your health and fitness.