Jewels Tissot has been a member of our Resident staff for the last two years. She was initially hired as part of our housekeeping team, but when it became clear that she had excellent customer service skills and a gift for helping people, she was given an opportunity in the Resident department. Jewels has been a huge asset to the team, and with her outgoing personality, she has brought a great deal of happiness to our residents.

She has a heart of gold, but don’t let that fool you. Jewels is also a master at handling challenging situations, and she can peacefully resolve any disagreements or conflicts that may arise between the residents. The best thing about Jewels is that regardless of what kind of day she is having, she always manages to come to work with a smile and a positive attitude, which is what makes her such a joy to work with.

Our residents are fortunate to have someone like Jewels on their side. She is a shining example of what the Y is all about — hard-working and caring individuals who love to serve the members of their community through kindness and unwavering dedication.