What a great summer we have had so far. Oh my, where has time gone? I hope you have found time to come in to enjoy a swim in the pool, drop off a kid or two at day camp, play some basketball or take a fitness class. Or maybe you put in some volunteer hours during our busy summer season. If so, thank you for giving back!

As I walk through the hallways and stairways in the branch and hear a basketball bouncing in the gymnasium or our camp kids’ infectious laughter, it brightens my day. I’ve also had fun meeting new members around our community coffee table, which has become a regular meeting place where members share vacation stories, local grocery store sales or simply sit and enjoy a coffee.

Thank you for coming in and sharing these wonderful experiences.

I hope you will continue to do so.
These are the reasons the Y is so much more than a gym. Seeing kids being nurtured and their potential developed through our Y programs is such a joy, as is seeing families build healthy lifestyles together by taking a group fitness class or attending a free family event.

We are now in the month of August, and it is time to wind down from a fun-filled busy summer and get back into the routine of school and work. Take a moment to focus on the last half of the year as you start back into your routines.
As a reminder, make sure to have an adult “water watcher” when kids are near any body of water. Most drownings happen in August because of the false sense of security at the end of summer, since kids have been around the water for a while. Also, parents can get distracted due to the change in routines. If you haven’t already received a free water watcher tag from us, please ask for one at our Welcome Center.

During this month, we are asking you to help us support our local schools. If you bring in school supplies that we can give back to our community schools, we will give you a free guest pass for a friend or relative to use.
Lastly, please take a moment to complete your online member survey by Aug. 16. We want to hear from you about how we can create a more positive, safe and fun experience. Thank you in advance.