At times, a personal victory begins with challenging circumstances. Praveena moved to Phoenix from West Virginia, and she started to have medical issues. She realized that she need to take action and do something for herself, and she decided to focus on her health and wellness. She joined the Lincoln Family YMCA in 2015, and she has started to feel better both physically and mentally.

Praveena is working with Reese, who is a Personal Trainer at the branch, and training with him for 30 minutes once a week. She also went through a free wellness consultation with Duane Dougherty, and she is trying to apply the advice that he provided to her daily activities. Praveena is happy that she joined the YMCA and has taken the time to focus on her health. Before she came to the Valley, she was working on her PHD in Economics, and she had no time for herself. Now that she making herself a priority, she is realizing how empowering and enlightening it can be.

We congratulate Praveena on her efforts to lead a healthier life! We wish her continued progress and good health, and we hope that she accomplishes all of her goals.