Elise’s Y Story

I’ve been involved with the YMCA since 2005. My first experience with the Y was as a youth myself. I used to the South Mountain YMCA up until it was closed down. After that I wasn’t involved as often. Eventually, my Junior year in High School was upon me and we were asked to look into potential internship and/or volunteer opportunities. Then I began volunteering at the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA at the Amazing Kids (child watch) center. I volunteered for approximately two months before becoming fortunate enough to be offered a job within Amazing Kids center. I am part of the Amazing Kids (child watch) staff. But I know my job is so much more; I help encourage positivity, social skills and inspire children. Everyday, I work with kids to help them break out their shells, enhance their creativity, do their homework and more!

While at the Y, I get excited when special events comes up. I always try to help in anyway I can, whether it is a large or small task. I always want to try new things, so for me events allow me to gain firsthand experience with children as well as adults.

I care most about the work we do for children, because working with such young minds allows room for learning everyday skills. They are very impressionable and just a simple task such as showing a child to tie their shoes, clean up after themselves or even just washing their hands after leaving the bathroom is an easy way of teaching a child to be responsible for themselves.

To me the Y is a family away from home. When you come into the building you feel very welcome. Everyone is friendly and you are able to start a conversation with everyone.

I wouldn’t be able to say just one thing I love must about the Y because there’s many things.