Reese Eades is an NSCA certified Personal Trainer. Reese is an advocate of fitness and health for any population, and he is an expert in a wide range of training modalities, from weight loss to endurance training. He achieves optimal results and keeps his clients motivated by dedicating himself to tailoring each exercise and session for his client. He is energetic, approachable and adaptable and he makes all of his clients feel comfortable in any environment or situation. In his free time, Reese enjoys cooking, and spending time with his wife, Jenny, and their pit bull, Spade. When asked what he does for fun, Reese remarked that he enjoys working so much that he does it at two different places. Many times you can hear Reese before you can see him, so keep an eye and an ear out for him on the fitness floor and ask him how he can help you today!

One of our members, Nancy K. recently remarked, “Wow! I have been working with Reese for only one month and the change has been dramatic. I have Cerebral Palsy, so I am challenged in balance, strength, and coordination. Reese’s energy and enthusiasm has made working out fun and entertaining. I have never had so much fun getting physically fit!”