In April of 2015, Amy joined the YMCA under a family membership. Even with her busy schedule, Amy still finds time to come into the Y three times a week. Amy started working out regularly in 2015. When she joined, her fitness goals were to exercise, achieve weight loss goals and most importantly, to achieve better health overall. Amy attends Group fitness classes, works out in the cardio area along with some weight lifting.

Along with fitness goals, Amy also joined the Y in order to enroll her son in activities that enrich youth development and also have family fun programs she can participate with him as well. Troy has participated in sports, swim and Super Fridays. One of her favorite things she loves about the Y is Parents Night Out. Troy gets to spend an evening of fun doing arts and crafts, playing games with friends and enjoying pizza! During her busy schedule, Amy loves that the YMCA offers her a break so she can spend time with her husband and know that her son is in safe hands.

Amy feels the Y has helped her be a better person for herself and for her family.

She loves that at the Y, parents find a safe, nurturing environment for their children to stay active, be engaged and learn positive values, she gets to come together to have fun and spend quality time with her son, and also make new friends and build relationships with other members at Lincoln. Amy and Troy have built a relationship and family since they have been at the Y and they know they would not find it elsewhere. Amy says the Y has helped her so far because having a place where her son can have fun and likes to attend “The Club” motivates her to come into the gym. Seeing how excited he is about coming to the Y, makes her want to come in and work out. Troy pushes Amy to achieve her goals and tells her “Mom we need to lose weight”.

Her advice for staying healthy is to eat healthy and stay active in order to reach wellness goals. So what’s next for Amy? Amy plans on continuing to work toward her goal weight and continue to spend more quality time with Troy participating in all the family programs Lincoln has to offer. They enjoy the family atmosphere Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA is beginning to have. From short sports to swim lessons and Parents Night Out and Amy makes sure her child is involved in any activities and programs that support youth development at Lincoln. Amy’s Y story is one of the many families who come to the Y on a regular basis that contributes to the Y culture. Each member of the Y is a direct reflection of what the YMCA is at Lincoln. Thanks Amy and Troy, for all that your family represents, you’re a fantastic example of Y members who are committed and connected to the mission of the Y!