He is a one-YMCA kind of guy, utilizing only the Lincoln branch all these years.

Gandarilla owes his connection to the Lincoln Family YMCA to his father, Armando, who was part of our Earlybirds group that would meet first thing in the morning to practice healthy living and wellness habits. Gandarilla used to come to the Y with his father and his sisters.

In recalling his history at the Lincoln Y, Gandarilla reminisces about hanging out with the Earlybirds by Usha’s Deli, where the Welcome Center is today. He would always leave the Y with a bag lunch from the deli.

Some of Gandarilla’s favorite memories at the Lincoln Family YMCA are racing with his father against his sisters up to the gymnasium and derailing his sisters toward a farther staircase.

He would spend most of his time running on the track that was on the roof prior to the Y’s partnership with Arizona State University Downtown Campus and playing racquetball in one of our three courts on the second floor.

When Gandarilla wanted a job, where did he go? The YMCA. One of Gandarilla’s first jobs was working Child Watch in our Amazing Kids Center, and then at age 18, he worked at the Welcome Center. Gandarilla has developed a personal relationship with some of the residents in our facility and can be found hanging out in the parking lot and throughout the facility conversing with people from many different departments of the YMCA.

What is Gandarilla up to today? He is still connected to the Lincoln Family YMCA. He scans into the facility almost daily and spends his time primarily in the training room on the first floor.

Between performing his daily workout and socializing with his friends and fellow members, Gandarilla has really made the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA into another home where he can practice healthy living, obtain a good workout, and share some laughs with his friends. Gandarilla has also started going back to school to further his education.