She started in the downstairs pool as an active swimmer at the age of eight participating in our swim team in the competitive division every Saturday. As she has grown up in our YMCA community, she had also joined the Every Little Step Counts program at the age of fourteen and stayed dedicated to healthy living and an active lifestyle.

When we spoke with Jazmin we had inquired on her usage of the Lincoln Family YMCA and with a smile, she said, “Once, maybe twice a day”. If you walk around Jazmin’s home branch you may see her in our lower level weight room or “dungeon” as some members have come to call it and the first-floor workout studio. In utilizing her time at the YMCA, Jazmin noted that she has lost up to fifty pounds in the past year of her fitness journey.

In addition to weight loss, another goal of Jazmin’s journey at the YMCA was to improve her strength and practice a healthy eating lifestyle. Jazmin is preparing next month to leave to marine boot camp and she has felt that her experience at the YMCA has mentally and physically prepared her for this next step in her life. It is not only the work out equipment that brings Jazmin to the YMCA but the people as well. She has met some great members to network with that have improved her work out regiment and has met veterans that have been able to give her advice and preparation for her first step into her career.

The concept of community at the YMCA is alive and well in Jazmin and we at the YMCA are glad that she has chosen the Lincoln Family YMCA to grow up and prepare herself for life.

Good Luck to Jazmin in her next steps!

When and why did you start coming to the Y?
8 years old, swim team. Taught competitive swimming every Saturday, Lincoln y.

What is your favorite part about being at the Y?
People, the networking, the powerlifters, the personalities and different people to speak with.

How often do you come?
Every day, sometimes twice.

Any obstacles you have overcome?
Dropping weight significantly, dropped body fat percentage. Started working out a year ago and up to today.

What is your favorite area of the Y?
Weight room, dungeon

Ever participate in any programs?
Every little step counts, age 14, 2013

Why are you a member today?
Marine boot camp training, next month leaving to there, veterans in facility help coaching her for that.